Carp-Talk’s Most Wanted Cup 2018

Big changes to the 101 most wanted list

This year sees the third Carp-Talk Most Wanted Cup competition taking place. It has gone from strength to strength during this time, and established itself as one of the most coveted prizes amongst the UK’s big fish anglers.

101 of the biggest and most prestigious fish from up and down the country have been categorized as bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Each rank has a corresponding point score and the person with the most points at the end of the year is presented with the massive cup live on stage at the Carpin’On show in Essex.

Each year sees an update to the list, however 2018 has seen the highest amount of changes we have ever had to implement. This is down to the sheer amount of big fish which have passed away during the last twelve months, needing them to be replaced by new ones. Some have also fallen back or been overshadowed by other fish in the same venue, requiring a few alterations.

We have also re-evaluated the positioning of some of the fish, giving them a higher rank for this year’s competition. The most prominent have been: The Wood Common and the Kennet & Avon Fully, both of which have been upgraded to gold. Three fish have also been promoted from bronze to silver, these being: Butthead in Girton Pit, the Murray Common in Yateley North Lake and Houdini in the River Aire.

These changes, combined with the new entries, mean the competition this year is wide open to anglers all across the country and could easily be won with multiple captures across several venues. A full list of Carp-Talk’s 101 Most Wanted Carp can be found on our website:

New additions


Kingsmead Island Lake, Roids
Wingham Carp Lake, Black Spot


Linear Hardwick Smiths, The Plated Mirror
Wasing Estate Cranwells, Floppy Tail Lin


Acton Burnell Bottom Lake, Randall Mirror
Atlantic Warf, Ebeneezer
Clearwater Fisheries, Moonscale
Cotswold Water Park, The Croc
Diana Pond, Willow
Emperor Lakes, Number 8
Farlows Lake, Big Common
Irchester, Norton’s Common
Kent Park Lake, The Classic
Ladywood Lakes, Kamara
The Avenue, Tarka
The Forgotten Pit, Pinky
The Folly, The Pig

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