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Even in today’s massively busy and frantic tackle market, there aren’t many companies that produce landing net poles that are available readily through normal retailers, without having to go in through the back door of spare parts and repairs.

Kodex have come up with a solution in the Konnect Landing Net Handle. The handle comes in two pieces which are joined together via a strong compound taper spigot, which ensures when together the handle won’t come apart under use, but with a little force will come apart when you come to packing away. The fact the pole is collapsible makes it highly versatile, as it not only allows for easier transportation, but also allows the Konnect Handle to be used in a boat with just the top section attached for optimum manoeuvrability.

The Konnect Handle also comes with an additional 0.5m Zig Master extension section. As the name suggests, once added to the handle the Zig Master gives an extra bit of reach, which is ideal when playing fish on long length zig links. This can be a real pain if you are fishing alone. I have shied away from using zigs as I had no feasible way of landing a fish if I hooked one, so I love the idea of the extra extension piece.

The handle itself measures 1.8m when used in the normal 2-piece arrangement, and 2.3m with the optional Zig Master added. When you factor in a net head on the end, the total length is easily over 3m. It is made from a stiff Carbonex construction and features a strong brass screw thread on the end to attach the net of your choice. It partners perfectly with the Kodex XS-T 42” net, however you can attach almost any net on the market to this handle. The Kodex Konnect Net Handle retails at £45, which includes the two piece handle and Zig Master section, representing great value for money.

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