Bittersweet Forty at Crowborough

The Carp Syndicate at Crowborough is mentioned regularly in the pages of Carp-Talk, so we were delighted to hear that the fishery had produced its first ever forty this week.

Unfortunately, the news was somewhat bittersweet, as Stephen Groom, who nurtured the lakes had unfortunately passed away less than 48 hours before he could witness his fishery’s first 40-pounder. Condolences go out to Stephen’s son Ashley and the rest of their lovely family at this very sad time.

We asked Steven Warren, captor of the syndicate’s first forty, for a few words, he said: “I only joined the syndicate last November but, in that time, I found a father and son team that cared passionately about their carp fishery. What they both created is the epitome of what carp angling should be about. Sadly, my capture of the fish known as The Almost at 40lb exactly, came a few days too late for Stephen. However, those of us who were lucky enough to have known him will agree he would have been looking down smiling broadly.”

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