Bank BUG Spod and Marker Holster

Here’s an interesting piece of kit that is sure to appeal to carp match anglers or those who place their pricey spod and marker rods against a tree, only to hear that dreaded crash when it hits the deck a few hours later!

The Spod and Marker Holster is a nifty little storage system that will house your (now-damaged!) rods securely in an upright position. You can secure the holster to the ground by way of two bivvy pegs and then slot in your rods via two rubber-protected storage holes. Now you have rods perfectly to hand if you are about to launch into a lengthy spodding session, or need to check your depths or just have a lead about.

British-made from black anodised aluminium, the Holster is the brainchild of Christian Cox, the man behind the up-and-coming Bank BUG range. I caught up with Chris at a trade show and he was very excited about a product that has been the result of a year’s hard work. He told Carp-Talk: “The Holster will be perfect for your spod and marker rods. Gone are the days of leaning the most important rods in your armoury against trees or the back of your bivvy, which consequently can lead to hardware and line damage. I have had some great feedback so far and disabled anglers have messaged us to say how nice it is for a company to think about them, and that’s great to hear.”

The Spod and Marker Holster retails at £39.99.

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