Avid Carp Cradle

This style of high sided unhooking mat has rightly become very popular, offering possibly the best means of looking after your catch on the bank.

This version from Avid Carp features a really nice, fish-friendly rubberised material unlike any other I’ve seen used on mats. This is used extensively on all internal surfaces, while heavy duty nylon fabric holds everything together externally. The base and walls are well padded and a lightweight cover flap can be used to secure the fish, should you need to momentarily. Heavy-duty carry handles allow you to safely transport your prize back to the water’s edge. A very simple fold out padded kneeling mat is secured with Velcro tabs. Available in two sizes, the Standard measures 79cm x 51cm x 18cm and the Euro 107cm x 60cm x 25cm, retailing at £64.99 and £74.99 respectively. Further details about this and other carp care equipment from Avid Carp can be found by visiting www.avidcarp.com.

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