Angling Trust launch carp angling match

The Angling Trust got in touch this week to inform us they will be opening their brand new match series, the Angling Trust Carp Championships, this year.

The event is aimed at a huge array of anglers, who may not want to fork out huge sums of money to compete in the regular carp match scene. The qualifiers and final are also much shorter, being 12-hours and 24-hours long respectively. This has been set up so it can attract a different audience than the regular 48-hour long qualifiers and finals in other match series.

There are two qualifiers held on both Clattercote Reservoir and Boddington Reservoir each taking 30-pairs of anglers. Cost of entry will be a very modest £100 per pair if both are a member of the Angling Trust and £130 if a pair aren’t in the Angling Trust. The prize pot is thought to be £7,000, which gives the chance for competitors to walk away with some serious cash! For more information, visit

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