All-Weather Korda Trainers

When I first heard Korda Developments was further developing its range of apparel to include footwear, I have to confess being a little sceptical about the move. My scepticism was totally unnecessary, though; having had the opportunity to try them out, I must confess to being really impressed.

Firstly, they retail at only £49.99, which is very reasonable for a pair of good quality trainers and exceptional for a pair of custom developed shoes tailored to the angling sector. Secondly, they are waterproof right up to the ankle, meaning no more wet socks after going for a short walk in wet grass! Finally, there are the little tweaks that you’d never find on any other boot or shoe, and it is these details that make them ideal for anglers. On the outer edge of the tongue is a special little hook that clips on to the laces, which leaves the boot wide open ready to slip your feet into. Furthermore, on the inside of the tongue are a couple of highly reflective strips to help you locate the boot openings in the heat of the moment!

Warm, stylish and comfortable, they’re at home on the bank in any weather or even just for everyday use. Officially, there are two colours available from the Korda; dark brown and a lighter tan brown, but Korda’s sister brand Guru has also released a black pair with orange detailing, which are sure to be very popular too. Available in sizes 7-12, further details about All-Weather Trainers and other Korda apparel can be found by visiting


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