A Wonderful Weekend

The first fish of my session, a lovely little common

Team Kodex member Stuart Campbell details his success on a challenging weed infested syndicate water.

I arrived at the lake on Friday afternoon around 4.30pm, after a long drive north from Northampton where I was working at the time. I was aware of a change in wind direction due during the night from NE to SW coupled with a rise in temperature, so I opted to fish the shallow end of the lake, in a swim called Woods One. Once in the swim, I set about finding some clear spots in the weed that was starting to grow. The water is crystal clear, the bottom is very silty and so the weed was already near the surface in some places.

After an hour or so leading around, I found three spots I was happy with, so I set about getting the rods sorted. I’ve been using the new Kodex Graviton super-heavy tungsten rig tubing and as I knew the fish would be able to see everything on the bottom I thought it would be perfect for the job. The tubing is the supplest I’ve ever used, in the edge it blended in perfectly with the bottom and took on every contour, and thanks to the tungsten the tubing sinks like a brick down to the lake bed.

Once the rods were all sorted, it was time to tie up 3 of my ever-faithful hinge stiff rigs, using Shape-Shifter for the chod section with a Genomic MGP size 5 chod hook, which don’t need sharpening as they are mega sharp straight out the packet. I decided to use Micro-Strip coated braid for the boom, due to the soft silty bottom.

Kodex Gravitation Rig Tubing is perfect for silty lake beds

My favoured hinge stiff rig, tied using Shape-Shifter and Micro-Strip hooklinks

My swim, flat calm and still early in the morning

I chose to fish Krusty Crab pop-ups on all three rods, with one fished on white, and the other two fished match the hatch style. I decided upon baiting with a light scattering of Krusty Crab and Deep Spice freebies over each rod, before retiring to the bivvy. Just before sunset I spotted a few shows on the far margin, so I knew I had fish in my area. I sat back to watch the show unfold with a nice cold beer in my hand. The fish continued to show throughout the evening and into dark, but no takes materialised through the night.

I woke at 5am the following morning and noticed the lake was flat calm, with just the odd rudd showing so I sat on the chair and watched as the sun rose. The weatherman was right, the wind had changed in the night and the day looked like it was going to be a warm one. After sitting there for about an hour and not seeing any signs of carp, I walked down to the next peg and had a look around a fallen tree to see if that’s where they were hiding. While climbing out on the tree, I spotted a group of four or five fish milling about at the end of the tree and one of them was a very good fish, no doubt the big girl I was after.

So, I nipped back to my swim, grabbed a couple of handfuls of bait and decided to drop a few in off the end of the tree to see if I could get the group of fish feeding. I dropped over a dozen baits in at the edge of the tree line and the fish never spooked, so dropped a few more in, when out of nowhere, one of the greedy little common in the lake appeared and started to eat every last boilie I’d put in, however the bigger ones didn’t look bothered at all.

After watching the carp going about their early morning business for a while, I thought it was time for some breakfast so I ventured back to my swim and had just lit the cooker when the left-hand rod let out a few bleeps, at first I thought it was a coot on there but when none appeared I thought I’d take a closer look, just as I got up from the chair the line pinged out the clip and I was clearly attached to a carp! I lifted into the fish and started playing it, before the line went slack, at first I thought that I’d lost it, but the fish had just swam straight at me! Once I’d caught up, it wasn’t long before it was wallowing around in the bottom of my landing net. After taking some snaps I released the fish safely and got back to having some breakfast.

This 19½lb common disturbed my barbeque!

Once breakfast was out of the way, I went for a wander to see if anyone else had caught anything. After a couple of hours away from my peg, I got the rods back on their spots and deposited a few more pouches of Deep Spice and Krusty Crab freebies over the top and everything was set. The lad in the next peg to me had also spotted the fish in the fallen tree so he proceeded to cast over to them from the far bank. After a bit of splashing about trying to cast close to the tree, he gave up, having spooked the fish further into the tree, and offered to cook up a social barbeque. While we were all sat in his swim, my receiver let out a few bleeps, I was up in a flash and ran the short distance back to my peg! The tip of the left-hand rod was hooped over and I was into a hard fighting fish. It stripped lots of line straight away and headed over to one of the big thick weed beds, but I managed to turn the fish just before it got there. I heard the other lads coming into my swim while I was playing the fish and one of them jumped into the water with the landing net and netted the fish first time. The fish went 19½lb on the scales, which finished my session very well indeed!

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