£400,000 available for angling projects

Social media is often littered with bad press regarding angling bodies, particularly where rod licence money is concerned.

The Angling Trust released a statement this week, that £400,000 of rod licence revenue is being made available through the Fisheries Improvement Fund. Any fisheries or clubs who would like to apply for a grant can do so through the Angling Trust before 25th January 2018.

Up to 20 projects will be funded for the installation of otter fences or protection from over-predation by predatory birds. Around 40 bursaries of up to £2,500 will be allocated to clubs, fisheries, local authorities, schools and projects to fund the cost of training angling coaches or purchasing equipment. Fishery improvements are also being covered with 30 to 40 grants of up to £5,000 to improve access, landscaping or facilities. Finally, up to 10 grants will be awarded to angling projects whose aims are to improve the health, wellbeing and social inclusion of older people.

Applications can be completed from 13th December 2018 when key deadlines, eligibility and judging criteria will be made available. Applicants can simply fill in an online form at www.anglingtrust.net/improvementfund.

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