32lb 14oz. Mirror carp from Kingfisher Lake at the Bluebell Lakes complex.

Hi, i Would like to share my most recent capture and a new pb from kingfisher lake, a mirror named della or dela at 32.14 and a stunning fish i was well chuffed once she was in the net!! My first session on that lake after fishing mallard lake at the same complex and getting a brace of a stunning common at 16lb and a new pb at the time again at this venue a 30lb 6oz lovely dark old mirror and that was also my first session on that lake, i have fished mallrd after that session and blanked a 48hr trip before getting a peg on kingfisher lake and caught this beauty on the 03.06.20.
I always use shimano TX1 banana and pineapple pop ups over shimano tigernut and squid and octopus boilies mixed with hemp and crushed maize at the venue less particle for kingfisher and of course the rig choice is a ronnie/spinner on a boom stiff link with a korda crank hook, i make the rigs with spottedfin end tackle but prefer the crank hooks when the complex rules are barbless hooks only.
The lake is beautiful and i was honoured just to finally have the chance and time to fish the lake/venue even without catching a fish.
I was buzzing to get there and thought i had everything planned but i was definitely underestimating the famous water, plumbing for around 2 hours before dark so i could settle and feel comfortable in my swim and feel comfortable and/or confident of a bite but i never did that night or the 2nd ….. i thought i was finding the rights spots( silt beds and small clear spots in the silt) between dense canadian weed and some other tall grassy type weed im not sure of the name but it was impossible to fish amongst it so i wanted to be 100% before any bait went in but i never did… after using the grapple too also help identify the weed amongst and around the smooter areas i felt with the marker rod and it was always silt so i was in and around a potential feeding spot but just didnt feel perfect enough for me beacsuse of where i was fishing i didnt want to miss any chances or opportunities.
It wasnt till day 3 after a long rest and a new plan i found a smoother spot amongst the silt not a big area just a small channel and was perfect for me to get 2 rods on there and only 8.5 rod lenghts so much easier baiting accurate and just felt alot more confident in the new area… finally!!! It was about 12 ish or early afternoon when i settled 2 rods on the new spot and at around 6.15 pm the left rod rattled tight and just stopped with the bobbin slammed tight against the alarm! As i went to grab the rod as i know from the 30 on mallard they bury in the weed it was definitely a fish doing the same thing … it starting taking more line before i felt the bend in the rod, i had a kingfisher carp and noticed it was a mirror as soon as it hit the surface, excited and nervous with members and anglers all gathering it was never coming loose from my crank b with a tight line ?? rolled her over the net and i was on cloud 9 for about an hour haha the members said it was one called della or dela and a special fish but any of them that day after the graft and nearly giving up and running out of ideas after 3 nights and days was special fish from the famous lake and a new pb topped it even more. It was only a fight for approx 60 seconds i expected more but i wasnt complaining.
It must of took me about an hour to get one rod back out even with fish rolling in the same swim still and i even wrapped the rods 2 rods short but noticed as soon as i tried to re cast ? i honestly thought in my head after i finally got the rods out and looked at the pics that id cracked it already and my rods are going to go crazy like that now im on THE SPOT and it wasnt that hard after all……
How wrong was i haha even with fish rolling in my swim for the next 3 days after i caught the mirror i never had anything on the same tactics but different colour TX1 pop up on one of the rods. I was very carefull with baiting as the fish slow down the bites to almost nothing on the same spot and a couple of spombs on a new spot at 18.5 rod lenghts and nothing still.
The time on the bank was well worth the effort and i have the bug to get there again with another trip planned later this month,
Thanks for reading if you have chance and time, as you can tell im still buzzing about it and ill be back shortly with a few more captures to share with you ??

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