10 in 10 With Tom Jehu

In this weeks 10 in 10 we catch up with Tom Jehu. 10 questions in 10 minutes

How long have you been carp fishing?

7 years, but I’ve been an angler all my life and as a youngster I represented wales in the youth international teams 3 times.

Favourite place to go fishing?

Caerphilly castle moat and my private syndicate.

Favourite People to go fishing with?

My close mates Shane Macdonnell, Shaun Wojnarowicz and Luke Sweeney.

Favourite Rig & Hookbait?

Chod rig with a bright pop up. Hookbait colour is a huge part of my fishing and I feel the visual aspect of a hookbait out weighs its flavour every time.

Takeaway or cook on the bank?

Depends on the location, but mostly cook on the bank.

Worse thing about carp fishing?

Social media and how it influences so many people in the wrong way.

Things you’d never go without?

Pop ups and rigs, hobo straight point hooks, rods and reels, net and my DSLR.

If you could use 1 bait forever what would it be?

A high quality Fishmeal Boilie

Best fishing memory

Catching my first Welsh 30.

How do you juggle work/family with your fishing?

Easily. I have a fantastic job. I work for the Electricity Board and I am fortunate enough to have a lot of free time outside of my working hours. Plus I have an incredibly understanding wife. She supports my passing for angling and has never stopped me from pursuing my goals, no matter how big or crazy they are.


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