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Carpfarm Lake is a carp lake based in Assen, Drenthe, Netherlands. It has a stock of around 400+ carp and is 25 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 65lb+

In the beautiful countryside, only 20 minutes from Groningen Airport, you will find the beautiful carp fishing venue; Carpfarm Lake. This 25-acre destination is specifically made for carp fishing and offer 6 spacious swims (3 x 2-person and 3x 1-person swims). Because of the convenient price and travel time by plane, we can offer an all-inclusive holiday at Carpfarm Lake. The owner Bert likes to welcome you to this challenging venue with carp 66lb!

The carp stock at CarpFarm Lake can be called, unique. The total stock covers +/- 440 fish with several Two Tones, linears, fully scaled mirrors and 2 beautiful koi carp of 40 and 48lb! The average weight on Carpfarm Lake is +/- 33lb with 29 different 45lb+ fish and 5 known 55 lb+ carp up to 66lb.

Bert is a (retired) well-known fish farmer and stocked Carpfarm Lake with his best fish. In April 2021 a stocking of 50 common carp and mirror carp of Hungarian strain was done. All carp are weight during the stocking and are monitored after every catch. In November 2021 an additional 40 carp (up to 44lb) were stocked. Because of the excellent water quality, natural food and bait the fish grow very quickly! During the closed season, Bert is baiting up with a high protein pellet that can also be bought on-site. Bert is doing everything for his fish to stay healthy and strong. Also, that’s why he is only open from June to September.

In addition to carp, other types of fish naturally also swim to keep the water balanced. There is a large stock of Roach, perch and pike. There is no bream or tench on the water.

We would like to emphasize that Carpfarm Lake is no lake for the beginning carp angler. The large depth variety and smart fish asks for experienced anglers. The high average weight, the beautiful carp stock, the challenge, the peace & space are therefore the most important reasons for our guests to fish the lake. At Carpfarm Lake you have to work for the fish … and when the approach and circumstances are right, the rewards are amazing!

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