De Karperhoeve – Raiden’s Lake

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De Karperhoeve – Raiden’s Lake is a carp lake based in Geel, Flanders, Belgium. It has a stock of around carp and is 4 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 40lb+

The Belgium estate De Karperhoeve in Oosterlo has a rich history… where once was a ‘haunted’ swamp, you can now find a beautiful estate for carp anglers. With 4-acres, Raiden’s Lake is the smallest of all three lakes. Because of the variation in stock, you can experience a lot of action from carp, catfish and sturgeon. Both swims are provided with a log cabin so perfect for the angler that prefers some extra luxury during his carp fishing holiday. Raiden’s Lake will impress you with its fish, luxury, service and delicious food package on site. And because of the convenient drive just over 2.5-hours from Calais, you can book a weekend, midweek or week!

With 250 carp and 4 sturgeons is action almost guaranteed at Raiden’s Lake. Raiden’s Lake is open since spring 2018. An excellent bait presentation is essential. The existing carp stock is feeding itself on natural food — especially insects as bloodworms and mosquito larvae. The average weight is 17lb, and the population is more than less 50/50 common and mirror carp. Many of the mirror carp are remarkably scaled and have a beautiful dark skin tone. Really beautiful fish to catch!

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De Karperhoeve – Raiden’s Lake
De Karperhoeve – Raiden’s Lake
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