De Karperhoeve – Tine’s Lake

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De Karperhoeve – Tine’s Lake is a carp lake based in Geel, Flanders, Belgium. It has a stock of around carp and is 5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 40lb+

The Belgium estate De Karperhoeve in Oosterlo has a rich history… where once was a ‘haunted’ swamp, you can now find a beautiful estate for carp anglers. Because of the variation in stock, you can experience a lot of action from carp, catfish and even big sturgeon up to 60lb+! Tine’s Lake will impress you with its fish, service and delicious food package on site. And because of the convenient drive just over 2.5-hours from Calais, you can book a weekend, midweek or week!

In recent years, the water has had a considerable fishing pressure, although Tine’s Lake is suitable for novice carp anglers, it is important to think carefully about your bait presentation and fishing. The existing original fish stock has grown well due to the significant presence of natural food, especially insects such as red mosquito larvae. Since we have removed a lot of bream and catfish during the logging off in the winter of 2013, we expect that the fish will grow even faster in the coming years. That promises a lot of good! In the past winters, extra expansions have also taken place to increase further the chances of catching, the most recent being the expansion of exactly 60 carp in January 2021 we estimate the total carp stock to be about 370 carp, +/- 20 surgeon and +/- 10 catfish. The record carp, a stunning common carp, has been last caught in November 2019 weighing 48lb by the UK Nash Team. At 19-01-2022 we’ve stocked another 36 common carp to further increase the catch rates.

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De Karperhoeve – Tine’s Lake
De Karperhoeve – Tine’s Lake
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