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Het Eendenveld is a carp lake based in Giessen, North Brabant, Netherlands. It has a stock of around carp and is 12 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 55lbs+

The van Bragt family has owned a sand excavation site in Altena, Brabant for generations. As farmers and country people, they have always hunted there in the winter, and gone swimming in the summer. Fishing, however, has been very uncommon here. Those in search of a pay lake with plenty of space, beautiful mirror carp, attractive pricing, and a genuine camping experience will find that this is the fishing location for them!

The carp stock at Het Eendenveld is certainly unique as we have only an approximate knowledge of what is in the lake. We know that sometime around 2010 NASH field tester, Dennis van Strien and his friends released 120 beautifully scaled mirror carp into the lake. When released, the fish weighed around 1 or 2 kg, but are now being caught between 8 and 16 kg. In addition to these fish, there is also the original fish stock of the lake. We estimate that this includes approximately 20 common carp weighing up to 18 kg. During the various test sessions at the lake, we recorded excellent catches, so for the time being, we are giving the water a difficulty level of “Average”. In the winter of 2019/2020, our French fishbreeder surprised us with the delivery of one of his fasted growing carp: a beautiful young mirror (around 8-9 years old) weighing 26 kg, which we have released into Het Eendenveld. Given the enormous abundance of natural food sources, the excellent water quality, and the depth of Het Eendenveld, we hope that this fish will continue to grow into a real monster in the coming years! The lake has been regularly fished since 2020, resulting in an increase in the amount of food available to the fish and leading us to expect that the carp stock will experience excellent growth in the coming years.

In addition to a beautiful stock of heavily scaled mirror carp, the lake contains hardly any bream or tench. There are some roach and predator fish in the lake, though we ask that you not fish for these varieties. Due to the small stock of white fish, fishing with small bait such as particles, pellets, and boilies in smaller sizes is highly recommended.

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