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Willington Lake Shefford DAA is a carp lake based in Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 12 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

Covering over 12 acres, this gravel pit is our largest Stillwater and since acquiring the fishing rights in 1985, SDAA has transformed this virgin lake into an
excellent mixed fishery. Willington Lake is a classic gravel pit with its clear waters and prolific weed growth providing an abundance of natural food to
help the fish reach specimen proportions. Depths vary considerably with some areas going down to 14 feet (see below for depth map). The lake is part of a
County Wildlife Site that attracts a range of birds and mammals, and with no public rights of way across the land you can enjoy both the fishing and
local wildlife in relative peace and quiet.
The lake has produced specimen carp to mid-40’s in the past, and currently holds specimens to over 30lb. Since 2008 over 130 top quality carp have
been stocked in small batches to ensure the long term future of the carp fishing. 76 C4s from VS Fisheries (7.5-14lb) and 57 C3s from AJS Fisheries
(6-10lb) have been stocked. With a plentiful supply of natural food, these new carp have been steadily putting on the weight and many have pushed
through the 20lb barrier, with some now over 30lb (see details of recent carp stockings below). It is best to remain mobile as locating the carp is the key
to success. The carp will often move with the wind and will often be found feeding in the shallow margins during the warmer months, when a stealthy
approach is required.

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Willington Lake Shefford DAA
Willington Lake Shefford DAA
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