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Carp Lake Manor Farm Lakes is a carp lake based in Biggleswade, Central Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 4 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

Carp Lake was established in 1997 and stocked with common, mirror and a few koi carp. The current stock is around 300 carp averaging between 16lb and 19lb with approximately 60-70 20lb+ carp and, depending on the time of year, around 3-5 30lb+ carp with our current Lake Record standing at 33lb 3oz Common. The carp in the lake breed very successfully so some smaller carp are present though the majority of the carp in the lake are over 15lb.

There is also an abundance of perch and tench present in the lake but are rarely seen as not all people fish for them. Last year, however, John Patmore targeted the tench and on one occasion had a bag of over twenty around the 6lb mark and up to 8lb, he was float fishing sweetcorn a rod length or so out.

The lake is 4 acres in size with 28 swims, 1 island and depths up to 13ft although averaging 7ft and is probably our most popular lake with many anglers smashing their personal best here. It does get busy on summer weekends although night tickets are limited to 16. There are many regular faces on this lake, some coming from far and wide to fish it with multiple catches of 16 or more fish in a session not uncommon. The bottom of the lake is largely covered by a thin layer of silkweed, though there are clear areas, particularly in the deeper areas of the lake. As well as the island features there are gravel bars which can be very productive in the warmer months, as can surface fishing.

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Carp Lake Manor Farm Lakes
Carp Lake Manor Farm Lakes
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