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Broom Lake Shefford DAA is a carp lake based in Biggleswade, Central Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 6 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 25lb+

The lake contains a good head of carp, tench and bream. The majority of the original carp are scale perfect commons with a smaller number of mirrors
and the odd ghost carp. Many of these carp are now over 20lb, with the biggest just under the 30lb mark. These were supplemented with 75 stunning
looking mirror carp to 10lb from AJS Fisheries (2009 and 2011). The bream and tench both go into double figures to provide further interest for the
specimen angler, and the occasional large crucian carp turn up in catches. There are plentiful shoals of silver fish (roach, rudd, perch and small bream)
for those who like to float fish with rod and line or on the pole. The plentiful supply of silver fish ensures there are also good numbers of pike to mid doubles.
Roach (2013), tench and bream (2014) in the 6oz 1lb range were introduced to maintain Broom as a mixed fishery. We have a licence to control
cormorant numbers, which has helped to ensure the success of natural recruitment for most species.
The lake has secure gated access to a large car park. When ground conditions allow, anglers are allowed to drive (cars and small vans only) around
the lake and park directly behind their pegs. The track is closed when the ground becomes too waterlogged to avoid damaging the track.
All the swims were rebuilt by contractors in September 2019 using a vertical Nicospan membrane held in place by scaffold poles to retain
the bank. The Nicospan is topped with a 3m wide oak board and most are large enough for a bivvie.

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Distance: 2.67 mi

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Broom Lake Shefford DAA
Broom Lake Shefford DAA
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