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Le Grand Etang is a carp lake based in Matignicourt-Goncourt, Grand Est, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 58 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 60lb+

Le Grand Etang… a place where carp anglers’ dreams come true, but probably one of the most difficult private lakes in France as well. Le Grand Etang, this is not your typical French commercial lake. No, this is something really special: a true gem and with an exceptional stock of beautifully scaled mirrors up to 65lb+. Le Grand Etang is a large and rough lake for carp anglers that are unafraid of a challenge. So… are you a carp angler that knows how to fish in weedy conditions, know how to use a boat and love to work hard for every single fish? Then Le Grand Etang is the right lake for you!

Although it is hard to estimate the exact stock we estimated to be around 300 carp which are heavily and nicely scaled, about 75 grass carp, some beautiful koi and 12 sturgeons. In the winter of 2017/2018, some 30 beautiful scaly mirrors from 25-35lb have been stocked. The average weight is just over 35lb and the biggest known carp weighs just over 65lb!

Some of the fish like ‘The Queen’ are really old and are swimming here longer than most of us are fishing. If you manage to catch one of this oldies handle them with care, respect and the most important one, enjoy the moment!

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