DreamLake 3

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8 Acres

Biggest Carp

80lb +


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DreamLake 3 is a carp lake based in Orconte, Grand Est, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 8 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 80lb +

DreamLake 3 opened in May 2000 and has quite simply gone from strength to strength. It’s hardly surprising really as two tonnes of carp went into the lake in November 2003 – carp to over fifty-pound including 142 high-twenties, thirties and what we’re famous for, numourous carp over the forty-pound mark! The combination of these specimen fish with the 600 carp present for the opening of the lake, as well as other prior stocking periods (100 carp December 2002 and 120 carp to 53lb 8oz introduced in December 2001) makes the over-all biomass of fish in this 8-acre lake quite incredible!

Only available to anglers on our Inclusive Package, DreamLake 3 offers anglers excellent ‘action style’ sport combined with every chance of a personal best whacker thrown in – the perfect fishing situation. Current records stand at 49lb-12oz for mirror carp, a colossal 81lb 9oz for common carp, the grass carp record is a staggering 56lb and 87lb for cat fish.

The lake itself is mature and tree-lined with 16 neatly presented log fronted swims and all with easy access, meaning DreamLake 3 provides ample room for the maximum of eight anglers accommodated each week. As you’d expect from this style of pit there are numerous gravel features within DreamLake 3, as well as weedbeds found across the depths that vary between 6-9ft. If you’re new to DreamLakes, you’ll also be pleased to learn that unlike many French waters the lake is free from crayfish or poisson chat – allowing you to maintain confidence in your hookbait without the need for netting or similar protection.

Daily transport at meal times to and from the air-conditioned DreamLake restaurant is provided by your resident team of DreamLake Bailiffs. However, to save a short walk of approx. 1km, DreamLake 3 shares it’s own on-site shop, shower and toilet facilities with adjacent DreamLake 4 and DreamLake 5.

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