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DreamLake 5 is a carp lake based in Orconte, Grand Est, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 60lb+

Having opened in late March 2004, DreamLake 5 lived-up to all expectations in offering some of the best carp and cat fishing action in France. Not surprising considering over two tonnes of carp to 50lbs, including nearly eighty thirty and forty-pound fish were introduced in Dec 2003. In addition, some of our bigger cats to 120lb+ have also been relocated to the new DreamLake 5. All of these beautiful, pristine looking specimens supplement the huge numbers of high-doubles and twenties, as well as the existing levels of thirties and forties.

This mature five-acre lake is tree lined lake yet contains eight extremely neat and well presented swims to choose from – accommodating a maximum of five anglers (or six if in a group), DreamLake 5 offers plenty of room to fish. There are no crayfish or Poisson Chat problems – leaving you free to explore lakebed features including gravel bars and weedbeds with your preferred presentation in water depths of between 7-9ft.

With over-winter feeding to encourage and maintain competitive feeding of the fish, the action at DreamLake 5 was set from day one! Current Records established in 2004, now stand at 48lb 8oz (common carp), 52lb (mirror carp) and 127lb (catfish).

Only available to anglers on our popular ‘Inclusive Package’, DreamLake 5 offers anglers excellent facilities and prolific fish action!

The lake also shares exclusive services with DreamLake 3 DreamLake 4 and DreamLake 5 of a DreamLake Bailiff and the lakeside facilities, which include a shop serving drinks, bait and tackle items in addition to the existing shower and toilets. Meals served in the air-conditioned lodge at DreamLake 2 are just 1km down the lane – however for your convenience and to save the short walk, daily transport is provided at meal times.


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