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Fully’s Lake is a carp lake based in Brienne-la-Vieille, Grand Est, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 26 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 50lb+

Located in the French Aube-departement, close to the famous Lac de Foret d’Oriënt, you will find Fully’s Lake. A lovely lake of nearly 26 acres that has earned his name for the many beautiful scaley mirrors that swim in the lake. Owner Constant, a well known French FOX-consultant, controls the lake since early 2019 and has started to prepare the lake since that time to welcome carp anglers. When you are looking for a carp lake with loads of angling space, lovely scaley mirror carp, an interesting price level and you don’t mind too much for the facilities…

Fully’s Lake has a unique stock of specimen carp. The name Fully’s Lake is based on the many fully scaled carp which are fully present in the lake. We estimate that the original carp stock is around 150 – 200 stunning fish. Fully scaled carp, linear carp, mirrors with awesome scales and so on. Real specimen carp with an average weight from 11 – 33lb. 11 beautiful koi are also stocked in the lake. Constant recently put 61 grass carp up to 30lb. Because he feeds the fish hefty from the beginning of 2019 there’s an excellent ratio of growth and we expect that the original carp stock will grow very well.

In the winter 2019 – 2020 a total of 35 big carp were stocked at Fully’s Lake to complete the existing carp stock. The weight of these carp is from 30 till 55lb. With this expansion Constant realizes a good top layer of fish. It’s not the goal of Fully’s Lake to become a big-fish carp lake – the goal is and stays to create a carp lake on which our guests can enjoy fishing on a unique stock of beautifully scaled carp but with a good change to catch a big one! Also in the winter of 2020-2021 there are many new carp stocked… the owner estimates there are around 425 carp in the lake now. The latest addition was in September 2021, in which 48 linear and fully scaled carp have been stocked. Only small carp between 2,5kg – 4,5kg, but all with unique patterns and a great growth potential! Later, in October 2021, 14 bigger carp from 8 – 17,5kg have been stocked as well. In November 2021 another 18 carp up to 18,2kg were added.

Besides a beautiful stock of fully scaled mirror carp, Fully’s Lake hardly has any common carp, no bream, no tench and no small catfish. There are some roach and predator fish in the water but we politely ask you not to fish aimed on these fish. Fully’s Lake has a little stock of silverfish and for this reason we recommend fishing and feeding with particles, pellets and boillies in small diameters. Because the lake holds a big amount of crayfish we advise you to use plastic hook baits en particles. Fishing with boillies is possible but we advise you to wrap the hook bait for example with Korda Super Wrap.

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