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Main Lake Gigantica Fishing Holidays is a carp lake based in Saint-Christophe-Dodinicourt, Grand Est, France. It has a stock of around 700+ carp and is 35 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 95lb+

Gigantica has been named fittingly, to represent the huge carp that swim within its depths. The lake has already exceeded our wildest expectations. When we took over the lake in 2008, it was badly managed, too many anglers, uncomfortable swims, poor facilities, rigs and baits dropped by boats, and the fish had nowhere to hide, coupled with poor quality bait being introduced. The transformation in the last few years has to be seen and experienced to be believed. Our long-term goal was to create a fishery with just giant carp, this dream is becoming more of a reality with every passing year.
Gigantica is and will always be a serious carp water for the dedicated carp angler wishing to fish a ‘proper’ lake with plenty of room. Since our ownership of the venue we have even dropped the maximum number of anglers down from 26 to only 12.
The reformation of this wonderful lake has seen fish experience huge growth rates, with several fish gaining as much as 15lbs between captures. With an estimated 600 carp present there are plenty to go at, however the quantity is still somewhat unknown, with previously unrecognised carp to over 50lbs still popping up every now and again. The Gigantica carp are no ordinary carp, the calibre of these fish is not to be mistaken as anything other than perfect. The lake has a very large head of big, plated mirrors of up to around 60lbs, something you rarely see abroad and a cause for excitement. These scaley carp are mothered by their larger, more leathery companions, the real old brutes of the venue with several having reached weights of over 80lbs, with the jewel in the crown The Immaculate Common now exceeding 90lb’s.
The list of big fish is growing by the day, and in a short space of time it has established itself as the ultimate holiday venue in Europe. Comfortable fishing for huge, catchable carp, in stunning surroundings. What more do you want?
Gigantica also offers great facilities, courtesy of the on-site bailiff team.
The Gigantica food has formed quite a reputation for itself, becoming a phenomenon in the world of bankside feasts.

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Main Lake Gigantica Fishing Holidays
Main Lake Gigantica Fishing Holidays
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