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Willow Pool Colebrook Fishery is a carp lake based in Cullompton, Devon, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 3 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

In the summer of 2017 we bought 35 acres of the old Padbrook golf course which included their beautiful carp lake.The original Padbrook carp lake was a 1 acre lake thought to be approximately 30 years old. Stocked with approximately 100 small carp and allowing day fishing only as a side business to the golf, the old lake was very much a runs water and ideal for a bite or two all be it most of the carp being under 10lb.

The lake today

However since then we have dug out the original lake to approximately 3 acres in size. The lake now has 8 spacious swims on it with all kinds of features to fish to, It has also now been stocked with 46 hand picked carp. 50% of which were 20LB+ with the biggest being 32.6LB.

These fish were stocked back in December 2018 and have since been growing on well and consistently putting on weight with the majority of the stock now 18lb plus with an average size of 24lb and the biggest now residing at 36.8LB

Although only approx 3 acres in size, Our lake (Willow Pool) is a challenging little venue.  Many of the residents, although being new fish, are very aware they’re being fished for making them some what of a challenge to catch already. With lots of overhanging trees and branches, snags and general places the carp can take refuge in The demanding nature of the pool therefore lends itself more towards anglers who have some experience under their belts.

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Willow Pool Colebrook Fishery
Willow Pool Colebrook Fishery
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