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Stenhill is a carp lake based in Cullompton, Devon, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 1.5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30+

Our original microchipped stock from 1978 includes 1 known thirty a mirror 30lb 10oz, a 29lb 12 common, approximately 15 twenties and forty doubles, with many of the doubles being close to the twenty pound mark. Stock fish born June 2009 already hitting 23lb 8oz . There are also Ghost Koi to 19lb 14oz, Tench to 8lb 3oz, Perch to 2lb 9oz ,cruisian carp to 1lb and Roach to 2lb 15oz. Our Catch Records speak for themselves!

There were over 200 twenty pound plus fish caught in 2012, plus a few thirties and lovely roach, rudd and ghost koi, including 41 personal bests. Our Fish Gallery shows you some of the inhabitants of the lake.

There are not many places around the South West that can give the chance of a 30lb+ fish at any time of the year, and very few that can give you the chance of catching multiple 20lb+ fish in the depths of winter. Those that have braved the British Winter and visited Stenhill Lakeside Holidays during the colder months have not been disappointed!

There is no better feeling than catching a carp when there is snow falling or on the ground, where other waters may be frozen solid!

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