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Ricketts Mere is a carp lake based in Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 2 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

Rickets Mere comprises of a section of the River Chelmer and a three-acre farm lake set in the Essex countryside.

This has had a stocking program undertaken by fishery staff. A 100 of CEMEX’s own stunning Sutton strain carp have been introduced each with a weight of around 10lb. In the last months of 2009 more specimens were added up to 20lb to supplement the tench and true crucians added the year before. These fish are now packing on the weight in this very rich water.This year carp have reached 30lb+ in this water so we have every hope that this will happen for a few of the other specimens. Taking into account the amount of natural food in this lake, hopefully it shouldn’t be too long!

River Chelmer – 800 metres, The river is a narrow, fast-flowing, overgrown section with a weir at its head and a junction with the canal further down the stretch. This confluence of waters enables the two to flow together and create a fantastic habitat for a wide and diverse number of river species. This is an under utilized extra string to the anglers bow, all species populate this small backwater and a general angler could have a very large bag of mixed species on the right days.All of the species in the canal find their way into this secluded fishery including carp, bream and chub, not forgetting the good shoals of silverfish.

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