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Papercourt Lake Papercourt Angling is a carp lake based in Ripley, Surrey, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 30 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 40lb+

This venue is gaining popularity as the fish weights are on up and up.  There have been several stockings of carp over the years – these have included the Sutton strain and a Horseshoe cross.    In 2007 we introduced a good head of Mark Simmonds fish which included 25 fish averaging 14lb, 12 fish averaging 17lb and with the best ones going in at around 19lb.  Since then the original fish have all seen good weight increases, with fish now coming out well over 40lb with more than 9 fish topping 35lb. Some of the newer stock fish are now coming out at around the 20lb mark, so all these fish are growing well and the venue will show further potential in the coming years.  There is a good stock of tench to complement the existing numbers of large fish. Currently, if you can get on the tench, a good session can be had with the majority of the fish coming to sweetcorn, maggots, mini-boilies and bread fished in conjunction with groundbait feeders.

The venue is open to the elements with minimal cover adding to the benefits for the site, with no leaf litter to cause any problems and a huge expanse of water to aid aeration.  Also, due to the amount of sunlight it gets, there is an abundance of natural food for the carp to feed on.

Papercourt Sailing Club own and use this venue but the rewards are there for the taking and a dedicated approach will see fish on the bank.  Please do not be abusive to any of the sailors as the water is there to be shared. Papercourt Angling works together with the club and has an excellent working relationship with its members.  Additionally, be aware that there is a public footpath around this fishery, which is popular with walkers, joggers and dog walkers. Please be polite to these people and do not feed any of the dogs as this has caused problems in the past.

A good tip for this venue is to keep vigilant and be prepared to move to find the fish.  All in all, this is a fantastic venue and one that is gaining further popularity daily. The syndicate permits just 55 rod licences ensuring the lake is not overfished and the fish are of the highest standard.  This lake is certainly worth having a season on with the majority staying on for very many years because it is so good.



Pike to 34lb 13oz.

Carp to 46lb 13oz.

Bream to 13lb 06oz.

Tench to 11lb 4oz.

Eels to 6lb 7oz.

Perch to 2lb 8oz.

Roach to 2lb 4oz.

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Papercourt Lake Papercourt Angling
Papercourt Lake Papercourt Angling
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