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Goldsworth Park Lake GPAC is a carp lake based in Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 14 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

Goldsworth Park Lake was created in the early nineteen seventies as a drainage / balancing pool as part of the development of the Goldsworth Park housing estate. At approximately 14 acres and depths of up to 13ft, the lake has become home to an abundance of fish and wildlife, offering visitors some excellent angling opportunities.

Over the last few years, extensive improvements have been made to the lake, including 36 platforms (1 of which is designed and ramped for at least 2 disabled persons), reed beds, wildlife area and a floating eco island, all adding to the beauty and accessibility of the site. Most of the work round the lake has been achieved voluntarily by local anglers and residents, backed by the Goldsworth Park Community Association.

The lake holds 13 known species, including, Carp, Pike, Bream, Tench, Roach and  Perch, all of which grow to a good size relative to their species, with some true specimens lurking in its depths.

Not known as a carp runs water, Goldsworth Park Lake does hold a good head of big fish to 30+, both Tench and Bream have been recorded to 10lb+, Pike well into the 20s, Perch to 4lb and Roach to well over the 2lb mark, with the possibility of a three pounder on the cards.

The lake also plays host to some boating activities, which have no effect on the fish or fishing, in-fact come the warm weather the margins offer the best sport, well away from any craft that tend to use the open water.

So if you fancy a cast, please do come along, both day and season permits are available on the bank from one of our Bailiffs, but please take a moment to read the club rules and regulations before arrival.

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Goldsworth Park Lake GPAC
Goldsworth Park Lake GPAC
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