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Lowther Lake Complex is a carp lake based in Great Preston, Leeds, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 25 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

Lowther Lake is a mature 25 acre gem of a lake. The lake was dug in the 1970s, to provide a fishing lake for the club. In the early days of the lake, fully pegged up weekend matches was regular and massive catches of bream being caught for everyone. 100lb + bags of bream was normal along with specimen sized tench, with the lake record standing at an impressive 170lb. The lake was then considered one of the best bream waters in the Yorkshire area.

Fast forward to today the lake has changed and fast becoming a popular specimen venue for Bream, Carp, Tench, Pike and bags of silver fish during the summer months. The lake has depths going down to 18ft near the islands and with an average depth of 10ft-13ft in the middle areas and slopes down from the margin and at either ends of the lake. The lake also gets quite weedy during the summer months through to late autumn. Don’t let this put you off as the rewards are there for the taking if you put the time and effort in with numerous fish catches being reported in short sessions if your able to find them. Night fishing is allowed on the lake through a night permit only. As the lake is getting quite popular these is now a waiting list that you need to join in order to get hold of a permit, currently there are 60 permits per year.

In 2009 the lake was stocked with 75 carp between 5lb and 9lb, this was repeated the year after, and in 2016 an extra 50 carp of the same size was stocked. The original stock of carp have grown to high doubles and numerous 20s being caught in the past few years. The carp stocked in 2016 have gone on to put 3-4lb on in the first year and are looking to grow to a very big size. The lake isn’t just a carp water, it contains numerous double figure bream to 14lb and a good head of specimen tench to 9lb+ with regualr catches of 6lb, 7lb and 8lb along with tench in the smaller weight bracket. During the winter months numerous catches of pike in a day session is to be had with regular double figure and the odd 20lber being caught.

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