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Lac des Cordeliers is a carp lake based in Pierre-Châtel, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 250 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 55lb+

Never before have we seen a carp lake that has gripped us from the first moment we saw it.. As pure lovers of peace, space and nature Lac des Cordeliers (also known as Lac de Pierre-Châtel) really appeals to the imagination. A natural mountain lake of about 240 acres in the French Alps.

The water has a healthy and natural carp stock and the largest (reliably weighted) carp weights 56lb. To be honest, we do not know enough about the original stock to be able to make a good statement or even a good estimate of the number of carp on the water. In the catch photos we received, we come across many 33lb+ carp and at least 10-15 different 45lb+ carp. However, because the water is not been fished a lot, it is still impossible to make good statements about this. In November 2018 the owner of the water made an expansion of about 285 carp between 15 – 45lb. with several recognizable fish which were caught in the 2019 season with a growth of around 4 – 5lb.

In the winter of 2019 / 2020 some smaller carp have been stocked to further increase the chances of catching, very nice of course … But if you like to selectively fish for large carp, it is advisable to choose your bait a bit larger. For example 20 – 25mm boillies to get started. Due to the size of the water and the “rough” environment, good preparation for your carp fishing holiday is essential. To take lots of bait is a must to get and this will keep the fish in your swim, and also solid material is also highly recommended. Fortunately the water has no small catfish, but there is a good stock of freshwater crayfish and also some roach, bream and tench present in the lake. Keep this in mind in your bait choice for the warmer periods of the year and/or take a bait wrap with you.

Lac des Cordeliers is very suitable for carp anglers who want to experience fishing on a large carp lake, without directly switching to fishing on a public lake. Thanks to its facilities and regulations, the water does have the peace and safety that you can expect from a ‘private lake’. Due to the mysticism of the fish stock, we certainly expect surprises, although we estimate that the top fish will never grow towards 70lb since the growing season is simply too short for that. However: if you prefer adventure, lots of space & privacy, hard fighting and stunning fish, then we know for sure that Lac des Cordeliers will not disappoint you!

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