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Etang de Mont is a carp lake based in Beaulon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 40 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 60lb+

Right in the middle of the beautiful Allier region, one of the least populated and most natural parts of France. A scenery in which time seems to have stood still and castles look out over large fields and forests. Unique about this lake is the large amount of fresh water running in the lake from the stream, on average the complete water surface has refreshed itself every 10 days. This is a large advantage for a good growth of the fish and to maintain a constant oxygen level.

Great care has been taken care of the fish stock, in cooperation with a professional fish farmer and biologist we have determined the ecological capacity of the lake and introduced a further batch of 100 carp in the winter of 2010. We estimate to have about 1.000 carp in the lake, with a nice variety of mirror carp, common carp, grass carp, koi and sturgeon. With an average weight of approx. 25lb and a record carp of 63lb, this is a very special lake. Nearly all weeks see catches of multiple forties, so there is a good chance to improve your personal best. The latest stocking dates of February 2021 with 45 carp stocked between 25lb and 45lb.

Next to carp, there’s also a population of large catfish, of which some mandarin variations. As they’ve eaten most of the poisson chat, there’s little nuisance from them nowadays. Last, but not least boat is obligatory. Although the lake is relatively clean from obstacles, there may be some weedbeds in the summer months. Also, it is helpful to check the bottom structure and depths well. Each swim has a 2,50m polyester boat and electric engine for rental, or you may choose to bring your own.

The use of loose bank sticks on the grass side is possible on all swims, only on swim 9 (the island swim) these are difficult to get into the ground because of some stone deposit. On this site we recommend the use of a rodpod.

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