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Fontenay South is a carp lake based in Fontenay-sur-Loing, Centre-Val de Loire, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 28 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 70lb+

Just 45 minutes to the South of Paris, Fontenay is a former quarry, being worked till 1982. It was bought over in 2004 and the site used for carp fishing until 2012 under the name Lake of Isles. It saw many glory days, largely thanks to the excellent carp stock of an average weight of more than 35lbs. Owing to management issues, it was left half-abandoned, until bought over again in 2015 by a team of impassioned anglers; well-thought out re-stocking plans were realised in order to offer the best possible fishing in a wild, natural setting.  Today, Fontenay is one of the best-known domains in France with a remarkable carp stock of fish over 35lbs average weight.


The 50-acre lake is made up of 2 parts, linked by a strait; angling from here is forbidden! You may rent exclusively, either Fontenay South or Fontenay North. Obviously, the carp swim freely around the whole of the lake, there being no physical barrier. On the other hand, each part benefits from private facilities.


Fontenay South comprises 9 swims (3 of which are doubles) over 28 acres (max 12 anglers). It has several interesting features, the most noteworthy, the island in its middle. You may rent just a swim without exclusivity, or the whole lake exclusively for up to 20 anglers.

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