Brakens Pool Nazeing Meads

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Brakens Pool Nazeing Meads is a carp lake based in Nazeing, Essex, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 2.5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

Three large settlement lagoons for the Lee Flood Relief system totalling 125 acres, plus Brackens Pool a small enclosed gravel pit of 2.5 acres. The main lagoons and Brackens Pool are typical gravel pits containing numerous underwater features.


The main lagoons hold specimen Carp to over 47lb, specimen Bream over 17lb, plus large Tench, Chub, Eels and double figure Pike. Brackens Pool is well stocked with Carp ranging from low doubles to over 40lb. A good percentage of the specimens are over 20lb.


For Carp find features such as bars, plateaus, holes in weed beds and gullies. A subtle approach in the edge scores well on Brackens.


The main lakes are typical gravel pits containing numerous underwater features; hence location is the key to catching fish. Generally most modern rigs with boilies over pellet or particles will produce. Air drying or using artificial baits can be beneficial in some areas due to crayfish. Be prepared to move however, both the mobile and static approach will score on this venue.


Two rods per angler limit is imposed on Brackens Pool. No loose-feeding permitted on Brackens Pool; PVA bags and stringers only. Strictly No Fishing in the sluices on the North and Centre Lagoons. There is a three rod maximum on the main lagoons, anglers fishing this venue must be aware of overhead power cables. Please note the North and Centre Lagoons are shared with sailing clubs, these can become particularly busy at times.

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Brakens Pool Nazeing Meads
Brakens Pool Nazeing Meads
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