Bel Eaux – Etang du Yeti

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Bel Eaux – Etang du Yeti is a carp lake based in Argers, Grand Est, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 50 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 65lb+

A short 3.5-hour drive from Calais you will find the beautiful Domaine de Bel Eaux, “the domain of beautiful waters.” Hidden deep in the woods of the beautiful Northern France landscape you will find an incredibly special complex of more than 20 lakes. The owner of Bel Eaux, Sébastien, together with his in-laws, has been breeding small carp, whitefish and predatory fish for decades. This family business has something special to offer every kind of angler. Located 15 km from the original Bel Eaux complex, Etang de Yéti is a sprawling 20 hectares with only 2 swims for fishing, both with luxury accommodations! Etang de Yéti is an ideal destination for those seeking peace and quiet to find their dream fishing holiday with friends or family!

Etang du Yéti has a particularly beautiful fish stock, which has received special attention in recent years. The carp population is estimated to be as large as 800 ‘big’ carp with an average weight of 20-25 lb. Of these 800 carp, 60% are common carp (the heaviest of which has weighed in at 26 kg), 30% are mirror carp (the heaviest weighing in at 49 lb), and 10% are grass carp (weighing up to 40 lb). For those looking for something special, there are also some beautiful koi in Etang du Yéti, and at least 15 fish weighing over 45 lb. This lake is actively used for fish farming purposes and so there are many small carp to keep you entertained while waiting for one of the larger 800 carp to take your bait.

Etang du Yéti has a large and healthy fish stock, making it not particularly difficult, but also not an easy lake where you can expect run after run without a bit of work. We highly recommend that you use a high-quality bait and think about your fishing tactic and what will work best here. Many tricks such as zigs, chod-rigs, Ronnie rigs, PVA bags, and free-lining may put you ahead of the game on this lake.

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Bel Eaux – Etang du Yeti
Bel Eaux – Etang du Yeti
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