Dave Levy Takes on the River Lot

Welcome to Ridgemonkeys brand new series, A Tale of Carp with Dave Levy

This brand new series follows Dave as he targets carp waters outside of his comfort zone, picture non-commercial waters in iconic places.

In this new series Dave visits wild, and largely unknown destinations, where he will put all of his skills to the test at these challenging venues, the first episode we’re bringing to you is filmed at the River Lot

“You hear about these waters that are a more off the beaten track so to speak and then you’ll hear that the fish hard to locate, it’s a struggle for a bite, the stock is unknown, the conditions are tough and so on, to me that just gets me even more fired up and ready for the challenge. That’s what this series is all about, I’m buzzin’ for it!”

Watch the first episode to see how Dave gets on, and what river monsters he manages to net

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