Carp Talks Company history

During the winter of 1993/4 discussions took place between Tim Paisley, Kevin Clifford, Chris Ball and Julian Cundiff on the viability of producing a weekly carp only magazine. A continued rise in carp fishing way beyond what was happening at the time was predicted by Tim and his enthusiasm for the project rubbed off on the others.

When the decision was taken to go ahead Julian Cundiff decided to stay with his profession of working in the criminal courts, so that left Tim, Kevin and Chris.

It was this team, Carp Fishing News Ltd, that ultimately brought Carp-Talk to fruition. Tim’s drive, publishing and printing knowledge plus excellent writing skills was coupled with Kevin’s good knowledge of printing and publishing plus a brilliant grounding in the world of computers and PC’s, this along with Chris’s printing and sales background were all brought together to make everything happen.

Something else was changing at the time – the expanding world of computers, scanners and photocomposition machines for printing meant that going to an established repro house to get a magazine such as Carp-Talk created was not necessary, and Carp-Talk was probably the first fishing magazine in the UK to be produced to final film for the printing press ‘at home’.

So on Wednesday 15th June 1994 Carp-Talk hit the news stands much to the amazement of the angling magazine publishing trade. Few gave it any chance of surviving more than a month or two. But through much hard work it took off proving Tim Paisley’s prediction concerning the massive growth in carp fishing could support a weekly magazine.

Today over 20-years later Carp-Talk holds a unique place in the angling magazine marketplace by still being the only weekly title dedicated to catching Britain’s favourite freshwater fish.

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