Against the Clock – Part 5

Against the clock part 5
A 30lb 6oz original for Loz

Loz East achieves two targets with one fish!

At the start of 2017 I had a few targets in mind on my new syndicate water. This particular water holds a lot of history in the Midlands, especially around the Nottinghamshire area. The lake was originally stocked in the 1950s and ’60s with a low stock of carp and was always notoriously weedy and difficult. The venue was taken over a decade ago and has become even more special than before, and in my opinion it will come to the attention of anglers all over the country in a few years’ time. My target for the year was to either catch a 30-pounder from the venue or one of the few originals left in the lake, and if I achieved one of the two I would have considered the year a success.

Prior to going on holiday to Gran Canaria with the other half in the second week of June, I decided I had time for a couple of nights on the bank. I set up in a swim called Shallows Two for the first night after seeing a few fish and found a clear area at around 100 yards, where I decided to cast all three rigs. I used pink 14mm Toasted Almond and Raspberry Ripple pop-ups as hookbaits and introduced a bed of chopped Activ-8 and Cell boilies, matching Response pellets and Power Particle hemp over the top.

The first night I had a take at around 2am, but this quickly resulted in a hook pull. At first light I noticed fish bow-waving to my left-hand side in front of a swim called Shallows One, a swim where you can wade out up to 80 yards due to it being so shallow. At around 10am I decided to go and investigate. I waded out no further than 30 yards and there were fish everywhere! I promptly splashed back to shore, packed everything down and moved to Shallows One.

Once I had everything set up, I waded three rigs out on clear spots in amongst the weed. After an hour, I had a take on the left-hand rod and within a few minutes had landed a jet-black scaly mirror that I was over the moon with. The fish seemed to spook after that and they moved out into the main body of the lake, so I decided to move back to Shallows Two for my last night.

At around 2am I had a take on the same spot and same rod as the previous night, but what I landed blew me away. After a quick double-check to make sure it was the fish I thought it was, I weighed her in at 30lb 6oz. Not only had I achieved what I wanted to for the year, but the fish was a 60-plus-year-old original named Lump on the Right. I was absolutely buzzing! In true style a couple of the lads came round to help with the photographs, despite it being early in the morning, and I went about packing away in the rain, knowing I had a plane to catch!

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