Against the Clock – Part 4

The sun sets on another overnighter

Loz East continues his fine run of form with a multi-fish hit on his Nottinghamshire syndicate.

I arrived at my syndicate water in Nottingham to find the complex empty. Before getting the gear out the car, and despite fishing on limited time, without a doubt the most important thing is to find the fish. You can have the best bait and best rigs in the world, but if they are not presented where the carp are, you are not going to catch them.

I had a stroll to a swim known as the Point to find fish boshing everywhere, so literally sprinted back to the car to get the gear out! Once I was in the swim, the first thing I did was go about finding a few clear spots. The lake is very weedy and it is crucial to have your hookbaits presented properly, even if it means causing some disturbance to the fish.

The session kicked off with this 16-pounder

Another great hook hold on the multi-rig

At 6pm I was rewarded with my first fish of the year out of the Big Lake, which turned out to be a lovely 16lb common. I was using was the ever-faithful multi-rig constructed from Korda end tackle. Not only did I know the multi-rig would be presented across any low-lying weed, but I’d had very few hook-pulls on it over the years, so I had ultimate confidence in it.

A 20lb-plus common in the night

I decided to scatter a few Cell and Activ-8 boilies around the general area of the rods. Although I was only fishing for a short period of time and I’d have to be gone by 5.30am for work, with the fish as active as they were, I felt I needed something down there to draw their attention to the hookbaits. My hookbaits were white Mainline Cell fluoro pop-ups soaked in Toasted Almond Response flavour and Peach Ade.

I didn’t have to wait long for the next take, and I have to admit, it was the first time my legs had shaken through nerves in a long time in my angling. Throughout the course of the night, I received five takes, topped by a fish known as Two-Tone, which weighed in at just over 28lb.

The run of luck is continuing for me at the moment, and when it’s like this, you have to take advantage of the situation. Over the next few weeks, I have a couple of weeks of work, before I’ll finally get to have a couple of well-needed lengthy sessions under my belt.

Two-Tone at just over 28lb was the highlight of the session

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