Against the Clock – Part 3

Just 30 minutes into the session, this 27-pounder turned up

Another overnighter, another awesome result for Loz East.

After an eventful first couple of overnighters back on my club water, and with the Northern Angling Show fast approaching, I decided to sneak in another cheeky overnighter before work on the Friday. I turned up to the lake late on Thursday afternoon to find the place pretty busy with anglers well spread around the central body of the lake. As I drove along the road bank, I noticed an old boy packing some of his tackle away, and after a brief chat, he told me he was leaving soon and allowed me to jump in behind him. It did help seeing a couple of lumps jump out while we were talking!

Once I was settled in the swim, the rods were quickly clipped up to the distance the fish were showing at and three multi-rigs with pop-ups attached were cast to a spot at around 80 yards. As usual, my rigs were constructed from 20lb Korda Kamo and the ever-faithful size 6 Kurv Shank hooks, baited with 15mm Mainline Diamond Whites soaked in Toasted Almond Response liquid. Once the rigs were in position, 10 Spombs of chopped Cell and Activ-8 boilies and matching Response pellets were put tightly over the top of them.

Loz has now caught seven fish in his past three overnighters

After around 30 minutes, one of the rods went into meltdown and I was attached to what felt like a very nice carp. The fish kited on a tight line at 80 yards and ended up in front of another angler in the peg to my left! In the heat of the moment, I jumped into the chest waders and waded down the margins. I decided to play the fish from the next swim, rather than trying to drag the fish back my way and risk wiping out the other angler’s lines. After a 25-minute battle, the fish was safely in the net. The culprit turned out to be a lovely 27lb half linear that was packed full of muscle.

After the immediate action, everything went rather quiet, and it wasn’t until I decided to get into my bag for an early night ready for the 5am pack away than my right-hand rod was away again. After a spirited battle, I netted what looked to be another good fish. It turned out to be another 27lb-plus mirror, a fish I’d had 12 months ago from the same peg and off the same spot! As far as I was concerned, this was job done, as I’d have been happy with just the one fish, so I decided to pack the right-hand rod away and get my head down.

Nothing else materialised during the rest of the session, but the early pack-up was made easier knowing I’d banked a couple of fish. I’ve managed three overnighters in the past couple weeks and been fortunate enough to land seven fish, with six of them being over 25lb. Long may the luck continue!

This 27lb-plus mirror came just after dark

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