Against the Clock – Part 2

Loz’s first syndicate fish of the year

Following a four-fish hit in double-quick time on his club water, Loz East returns to his syndicate in the hope of continuing his good run.

After a successful midweek session on my club water, I decided to head back down and try my luck on my syndicate again. I’d been prebaiting a corner of the lake that held a few snags, and after finishing work on a couple of occasions, I popped down and put a few handfuls of bait here and there. I decided not to go all in and put kilos and kilos of bait out, as this would most certainly have ruined my chances. Instead, a couple of handfuls of chopped Cell and Activ-8 boilies soaked in Hemp Oil, along with matching Response pellets, were ample.

I turned up to the lake after work at around 3.30 on the Friday afternoon, and after a quick lap saw a couple of fish sitting under the snags, which was the only invitation I needed. The swim itself was pretty confined, with not a lot of room to cast, so I decided to set up the brolly just far enough away from the rods so I wouldn’t be making too much noise, but still close enough to get on them quickly if I had a bite.

A couple of a rods were flicked down either side of the snags on to the spots I’d been baiting, and no sooner had I put the second rod out than the right-hand bobbin hit the top of the blank and the tip flew round. After a locked-up battle, a gorgeous scaly mirror was in the net, not the biggest fish I’d had all week, but by far the one that meant the most.

At the business end I used the ever-faithful multi-rig constructed from 20lb Kamo braid and a sharpened size 6 Kurv Shank on a lead-clip set-up, allowing the lead to discharge on the take. Once again, the bite came on a Mainline Diamond White pop-up soaked in Almond Response flavour, fished over a handful of chopped baits, the same with which I’d been prebaiting.

Nailed on the multi-rig

xSet up away from the rods to keep the noise down

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