Steve Neville Remote Bite Alarms Review

Steve Neville Remote Bite Alarms

Steve Neville has long been recognised as a brand with an excellent alarm system. The Steve Neville Remote Bite Alarm is the remote version of the classic Steve Neville Bite Alarm, meaning you can now experience all the reliability and performance of the original alarm in a remote format. This new remote alarm looks much like the classic bite alarm, but without the back jack socket, and the transmitter is now housed internally rather than externally. This is the ideal alarm for a number of carp fishing scenarios.

This remote alarm features an adjustable volume system so unlike other roller buzzers you can silence the alarm so it only sounds through the receiver. There are three volume settings available, too, so you can adjust this alarm to suit your needs – the high volume setting is ideal for windy weather when the sound might be lost in the elements, the low volume setting is perfect for calm days, and the silent setting is ideal for use with a receiver or for extremely stealthy angling. The Steve Neville Remote Receiver Box is available to purchase separately and these systems are completely compatible. This allows the alarm to act independently as a stand alone buzzer or as a pair with the receiver, giving you a versatility that is missing from so many other bite alarm setups. The built in radio transmitter has been tested with the receiver and has been able to register from as great a distance as 500m, although it’s not recommended to be half a kilometre away from your rods! However, it does mean that the transmitter is powerful enough that you will always achieve great clarity of signal through dense vegetation or in adverse weather conditions.

The alarm is 100% weather proof, so it will hold out on the bank as long as you can, and it won’t let you down in damp or frosty conditions. The alarm operates on a LRV08 battery and, unlike many alarms, it comes supplied with this. The battery should last for approximately one season’s worth of angling. This means that you won’t find yourself in the awkward position of having forgotten to recharge your alarm before heading to the bank. Similarly, you won’t have to drive around for battery replacements after only a couple of sessions on the bank.

This is a bite alarm which offers an incredibly high sensitivity setting. This is because it registers using four magnetic roller wheels. These allow the alarm to register the most delicate and nervous of takes, enabling you to respond with confidence and giving you a clear picture of is happening on the end of your line. The Steve Neville Remote Bite Alarm uses a latching LED and a red run LED, too, to paint an even clearer picture of what exactly is going on under the water. There are multiple different latching LED colours available, including popular violet and white colours, as well as the classic blue, green, and yellow. The alarm can also be set at a low sensitivity setting, which is ideal for use in high currents or strong winds as it ensures that you’re only ever going to be alerted to a ripping take. This means that you won’t be disturbed in the night by your drifting line. You can easily toggle between these settings by flicking the alarm on and off, as demonstrated in the product video. Pairing this alarm with a set of bite indicators allows you to pick up on runs towards your rod as well as away from it, too. As with the original Steve Neville Bite Alarm, the remote alarm features a flat back design, so it forms a compact unit, too.

If you’re in the market for a classic bite alarm to alert you to every take then you need look no further than the Steve Neville Remote Bite Alarm.

  •  Compatible with Steve Neville Remote Receiver Box (not included)
  • Compact, flat back design
  • Built in radio transmitter with excellent range of up to 500m
  • Range subject to environmental & local electrical interference
  • Dual operating mode
  • Can be used independently, with bite indication through the alarm sounder
  • Can be used with a remote receiver
  • Low battery drain, extended operating time (approx. 1 seasons use)
  • High sensitivity, 4 magnet roller wheel
  • Blue latching LED and Red run LED
  • Powered by 1 x LRV08 battery (supplied)
  • 100% Weatherproof
  • 3 Volume settings

8 Total Score
Great old skool alarms

These alarms are a bit of a carp fishing icon and almost have a cult following. That’s not to say that it’s simply nostalgia that sells these units because it’s not – they’re well built but avoid over tightening as they are prone to cracking if overtightened, reliable and have some good features but you’ll find less bells and whistles than on the alarms reviewed above. Working on a roller wheel system and bite indication is highly sensitive because of the 4 magnets used in the wheel. The range is particularly impressive with a 500m maximum range (although you should never be this far from your rods!) The alarms have a built in receiver so can be used with the Steve Neville receiver and you also get an adjustable volume control, silent mode and a system to avoid false bleeps.

Ease Of Use
  • Very easy to use
  • Compact
  • Well priced
  • Heads can crack if not carful when tightening on to buzzer bars
  • Hight battery consumption on receiver
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