Sonik VaderX RS Rods Review

Sonik VaderX RS Rods

The Sonik VaderX RS is an award-winning carp rod, built from quality materials with a sleek black armoured finish. The slim blank has a progressive action but enough power when needed. The rod is equipped with very light M-Series guides, a reel holder that is suitable for big pit reels and a slim handle that allows you to choose a version with shrink film or classic cork. The rod tip has a phenomenal recovery rate resulting in even better, sharp and accurate casts.

Sonik VaderX RS

– Carp rod
– Choice of two versions
– Length: 10ft (3.05m)
– Test curve: 3.00 lbs
– Number of parts: 2
– Transport length: 155 cm
– Slim, lightweight carbon blank
– Super light guides
– Wear-resistant ceramic top eye
– 40 mm starter eye
– 17 mm DPS reel holder, suitable for big pit reels
– Line friendly, custom made Sonik clip
– Slim handle with shrink film or classic cork
– Black anodized end cap
– Progressive casting action with very fast top recovery
– Very good value for money

9 Total Score
Bargain rods that do the job superbly

If you are looking for a 10ft carp rod to join the short rod trend then this maybe right up your street. Very light weight, ultra slim blank but by no means lacks in power. This rod is great value for money packed with lots of carpy features. A must have if your are looking for some shorter rods but don't want to break the bank.

Ease Of Use
  • Very slim
  • Ultra light
  • Great price
  • None
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

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