FIRST LOOK: Trakker N2 Chest Waders


It has taken a very long time to get my hands on a pair of Trakker Waders, having first seen them well over a year ago at a Trakker trade show. At some point close to their launch the team at Trakker decided they could be further improved and, rather than launching an inferior product, they went back and made the necessary improvements. Speaking with Dave Mills and Gaz Hood at Trakker, it was clear they were very happy with the resulting N2 Chest Waders.

The breathable fabric used to construct the main body of the waders is lightweight, comfortable and very supple too, making them very easy to climb in and out of. The fabric remains supple even in freezing temperatures, which is a great relief as I’m sure you know it’s a nightmare at the best of times trying to climb into a pair one-handed, even more so when you have a carp trying to pull the rod out of your other hand! The fabric feels as though it belongs on a pair of high-end breathable waders that should cost at least twice as much, but I’m not complaining as I think these offer fantastic value for money at £74.99. The fabric is highly water repellent and when you climb out the lake any residual water beads up, leaving them almost perfectly dry straight away.

There is plenty of room in the waders around the waist and chest, and being that I’m only a slight lad, it was nice to see they have included adjustable waist straps allowing some of the excess material to be pulled in so it didn’t look like I was auditioning for a role at the circus. Extra-wide Trakker branded elastic shoulder brace straps hold everything comfortably in place. There’s also a handy pocket just inside the chest area that is perfect for keeping essentials to hand.

The two-tone PVC boots are specially welded to the fabric of the main body ensuring a long lasting waterproof bonded seal. Much like the body of the waders the boots are soft and flexible, making them comfortable to wear and walk in for long periods. I’ve had lots of waders in the past that have rubbed uncomfortably on the ankle, shin, calf or even all three in some cases, but these have so far proven to be exceptionally comfortable. The deep tread on the soles offers plenty of grip, digging easily into soft ground, which is pretty handy when climbing in and out of muddy holes.

Each pair of N2 Waders comes with a unique air-drying carry bag, not only giving you somewhere to store your waders, but actually allowing them to breath and dry whilst packed away. This little added extra is a clever touch that adds greatly to the experience of owning a pair of quality waders. Should you have an accident and damage the waders or pick up a tiny puncture, each pair comes supplied with a handy wader repair kit, so you can have them patched up and back in use in a matter of minutes.

Available in five common sizes; 7-8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-13, I’ve been using a size 10 and found them to be a good fit, even with a decent pair of thick socks. For further details about these and other Trakker items visit

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