Wychwood C-201 rods

Having stepped up my rods several times through the years it has been great having the opportunity to play around with some lighter test curves and different actioned rods recently.

One pair I’ve had great fun using is the new Wychwood C-201 rods. Cosmetically they look very attractive, as all modern rods seem to; matt-finished carbon blanks, carbon line clips, carbon-effect reel seat, all-black fittings, large silicon carbide rings, minimal graphics, laser etched butt cap and a choice of either full EVA or full cork handles.

The C-201 blanks are constructed with a forgiving 1k weave tip and the rest of the blank is super strong 3k weave. This combines to create an action that bends right through to the butt, making them a real pleasure to use and very easy to cast. Available in a wide range of test curves catering for all aspect of UK carp fishing, the two lightest rods are brilliant for intimate, less weedy waters and really allow the angler to enjoy every lunge of the fight. The two heaviest 12ft models provide much more power and can comfortably cast PVA bags or big leads to extreme ranges. Finally there is a 13ft 3½lb version for out-and-out distance work. Remarkably these rods retail for as little as £89.99, which is very surprising considering their looks and performance.

Much of my fishing has been done at close quarters, rarely exceeding 100 yards, and whilst using these rods I have enjoyed many fine captures. Now, it might be coincidental but whilst using these forgiving actioned rods I’ve only lost one fish, and that happened as soon as I leant into the fish. It’s difficult to put my finger precisely on what I like about these rods; it might be their balanced feel, or the user-friendly action, or a combination of both these factors. Whatever the reason I can genuinely say it’s been a real pleasure sampling these rods. Even in the higher test curves they have a delightful action that comfortably absorbs massive lunges at close quarters.

For further details about these and Wychwood’s C-101 and C-301 rods visit www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk.


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