RIP Floppy Tail

The big mirror known as Floppy Tail in Rod Hutchinson’s Woldview syndicate, Lincolnshire, has sadly passed away.

The fish was thought to be around 40 years old and topped out at 47lb-plus, which at the time was a Lincolnshire record.

The fish made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was first introduced into the famous water back in 1992 as a 15-year-old 30lb-plus fish. It was one of three carp Rod stocked big which sadly didn’t mix with the original fish, causing a big fish kill. Floppy ended up being the only survivor of the three big stockies and went on to make many an angler happy over the years, weighing over 40lb for 22 years.

Darius Osbourne, who runs the syndicate on Rod’s behalf, said: “She had no damage or any other obvious signs of bad health, so we think it must have just been old age. She is a huge loss to the syndicate, but she didn’t owe us anything, as she had given her best for so long. We are going to put up a plaque in her memory, as she was caught by many an angler down the years.”

Jimmy Hibbard with Floppy Tail at 40-plus in 2015

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