Old Mill Lakes netting

Old Mill Lakes owner Chris Marler has endured a frantic few weeks as he continues his exhaustive stock management programme and development of the site.

The venue’s popular three-acre Willow Lake has been partially drained to allow grading of the stock and landscaping of the lake’s topography. Staff members from AJS Fisheries were on hand for the netting and were surprised to see 90 fish over 20lb and four over 30lb turn up. Of the fish that turned up in the netting, 120 fish were returned to the lake, including 70 twenties, of which 15 were over 27lb, and the four thirties.

With much of the water removed, it was possible to get a digger in and excavate the shallowest areas, plus remove the small islands and spits around the lake, freeing up more fishing space and taking the marginal depths to around 7ft. The excess spoil from this work was redistributed to the deepest part of the lake to make it a little shallower. Once the water levels return to normal, Willow will reopen with only six swims along the railway bank, and day tickets will be priced at £25 per 24 hours.

AJS Fisheries also netted the venue’s big-fish water Birch Lake in an attempt to remove as many of the babies that have naturally grown on in the lake and assess the current stock. Many of the smallest fish were removed and put into Oak Lake, the newest water on the site. During the netting a number of old lines and Spombs were found. Anglers fishing Birch are reminded main lines need to be at least 0.40mm diameter and Spomb Floats must be used with a Spomb.

Oak Lake is filling up nicely and has a current stock of more than 700 fish, including 40 twenties. The opening date for the lake is yet to be confirmed, but it will be around April or May. Chris has said he will be doing a number of special deals for people wanting to fish Oak, such as 10kg of free bait for anglers who book a 48-hour session. We’ll bring you full details of the offers and pricing over the coming weeks.

Further details about Old Mill Lake are available by visiting www.oldmilllakes.co.uk or by calling 07767 363545.

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