In Pursuit Of Carpiness 2 – Mark Pitchers & Harry Charrington

YESSSSS…..  the release of In Pursuit of Carpiness 2 from Mark Pitchers and Harry Charrington. This is a long awaited release and to say we had a bit of trouser dribble is an understatement. It is now available to stream here

In Pursuit Of Carpiness DVD

This was the start of our IPOC2 journey. I had said I wasn’t doing it again, I was apprehensive, I never thought we could improve on our first film even though I would have loved to. Mark was confident we could and had badgered me for well over a year before I agreed to a sequel. We set our plans in motion and dreamed bigger than we had done before. The result was a trip that took us to destinations you wouldn’t believe and saw us land fish beyond our wildest dreams. Plus we had a laugh a minute and I think this really shines through in this film. I hope you all enjoy it.

Harry Charrington

You can order your copy now. Click here to order your copy now!

In the meantime and to get in the spirit (if you haven’t already watched it) get over to Fishing TV and watch the first instalment “In Pursuit Of Carpiness” It has 50% off and is only £3.99 for a near on 3hr video. With loads of fun and laughs it is a recommended video from us.

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