Giving something back

We recently received a lovely story from Carpworld contributor Loz East, who after receiving a message from a young lad decided to take him out for a day angling.

Carl Morris informed Loz that his son Corey is a huge fan of his and watches all of his angling content on YouTube regularly. Unfortunately, the Morris family is under huge amounts of pressure at home due to Corey’s younger brother having a long term, rare illness. Carl is a full time carer for his son, and so family life is far from normal. With this in mind Loz finalised a date for a session with Carl and Corey.

Loz told Carp-Talk: “We arrived at Hayton Lakes in Retford at around 7am just before first light. The conditions were far from ideal, with temperatures as low as minus two overnight and most places around our area had frozen! Fortunately the lake we were due to fish only had a thin layer of cat ice around the margins and it was game on. The fishing was slow throughout the morning period but we sat back talking all things carp related and kept warm with plenty of brews. Luckily just after dinner the sport picked up and we managed eight takes in the last few hours fishing, most of which fell to a simple braided maggot rig.”

“All in all, despite the seriously cold conditions we had a superb day’s fishing. We caught plenty of fish and in the end I agreed to meet up with Carl and Corey in February for a 24-hour session for Corey’s birthday. From what Carl told me, Corey had a presentation at school in front of all his classmates about his day’s angling and it has also made a big difference to moral levels at home.

“To both Carl and Corey it was a pleasure to meet you both and who knows in the future it may be Corey giving something back to his next generation.”

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