Fox Black Label Compact Pod Kit

The Black Label range of bankware has become very popular over the last few years, and it is easy to see why, it does look fantastic!

Fox are clearly trying to break the trend of pods not being cool, as the Compact Pod Kit certainly puts a spanner in the works. The sleek Compact Pod System has been designed to be as small as possible both when in use and during transit. If you are faced with concrete or generally solid ground on a fishery then a pod is a must have item and thanks to the pod system itself only weighing 650g, even if you carried it all of the time you would barely notice it.

The new full Compact Pod Kit comes with the following items; 2 × 6-inch Cam-Lok Banksticks, 2 × 9-inch Cam-Lok Banksticks, a pair of fixed three rod buzz bars, a Goal Post conversion Kit and of course the Compact Pod base. Fox have designed the Pod base so that the legs fold inwards and rest against the central bar which makes the system so compact. Don’t feel like once you have the kit you are stuck with the same setup either, as the Pod still works with whole range of Black Label buzz bars including 2-rod versions. The Pod and Bank Sticks can all be extended should you wish, so no matter how uneven the ground, you should be able to achieve a rock steady setup. Retailing at £179.99, the Compact Pod Kit is certainly going to be popular.

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