Fish kill at historic Colne Valley water

As one of the most historic waters in the Colne Valley, the 50-acre Harefield Pit 2 has played host to many a significant moment and been fished by dozens of the sport’s most successful and recognisable anglers.

Now the Harrow Angling Society water is closed after hundreds of fish of various species started to turn up dead, believed to be the result of an oxygen crash caused by an abundance of algae present in the water. Amongst the dead fish are said to be numerous large carp, pike, catfish, eels and silver fish.

Pit 3 was first stocked with 100 large carp in 1963. Many of the fish flourished and the lake went on to become one of the country’s best big-carp waters by the 1980s. Despite a fish kill in the 1990s, the lake recovered and quickly became popular again, but with the HS2 high-speed railway set to begin construction in the area, it is unclear whether the venue will ever return to its former glory days.

Carp-Talk has contacted Harrow Angling Society for a statement regarding the fish deaths, but had not received a response at the time of going to press.

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